Saturday, October 22, 2005

ok, small overwiev about the time in Czech, i am actually a couple days away and try to catch up with my blogging thing.

Czech was my first country on the list (if you wanna see the list, forget it) so i went direct -without loosing another (expensive) day in Germany- into it and visited a couple things. First Pilsen where i ended up late at night after 12h or so traveling with that germanrailwaylocaltrainpass thing. Was not the best start. Walked for a long time around to find the local youth hostel - closed for renovation. Stayed in a Hotel.

Next Stop was Tabor, the famous City of the hussites. Where quit days there but the city remains impressive, although there isnt much left from the history of the community called tabor, a city build from followers of Jan Hus the czech reformator.

A Step ahead was Prague, with also some nice things about that reformer, for example the Bethlehem Chapel where he started preaching in the national language rather than in Latin the holy church language and shared with the ordinary believers communion. But i stayed a couple mounths before there, so there wasnt that much interesting things, i visit the castle some other places but just stayed some nights and countinued to the border of Poland to Adrspach-Teplice.Inhere no Chruch History anymore but a really impressive Landscape, the Rocktowns of Adrspach and Teplice. I checked in in a small pension and the next day at 7am i started hiking. Actually this early to go around the ticket booth, with my hole luggage to countinue later on to Poland. Was really a WOW, but i didnt eat breakfast that day, miscalculated the time and there was always a bit rain coming from above, so i was really exhausted in the end, lost evtually some kilos weight and countinued later on by train to reach Wroclaw.

Oh, by the way - sorry Mangi buts thats all national reserve, no rock climbing allowed! I could believe that by myself but ask for it.

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