Thursday, January 26, 2006

China, the end

first of all, a big fat hello from Lao !

and for the first time i can look at my homepage again ! Took me some time not only go get into Lao but also to find an internet place here, the remoteness of that country almost shocked me after 1.3 billion strong China, with concrete buildings, highways, shitloads of bus and train connections ... here we ride over dusty gravel roads through the dschungel and stopping in provincial capitals with two roads and an handfull small bungalows. Amazing Lao !

But first of all a small update from my time in China:
After my time in Beijing i went to Dongfeng and the famous Shaolin Monastry, then on to Xi'an which is an ancident capital and the start of the Silkroad. Xi'an has old citywalls that are so big that it takes you 2 hours walk around them. Close to the city is also the terracotta army which i visited as well. On to Yichang and on a Boat to Chongqoin, the Yangtse river from the three gorgesdam upstream. After the cruise i went to Chengdu and then serveral days by bus to Lijang - a tibetian town on over 4000m from where it went down to Shangri-La, Lijang and Dali. In Dali i spent then some time to study material arts in a small kung-fu monastry before i countinued to Kunming and towards the Lao Border.

ok and course i wrote now so much, i write from Lao another time. Maybe tomorrow. Just wanna say i'm ok, from the other side of my dinnertable i say already the lights from the Thaiside ...
have a nice time, see ya


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