Tuesday, May 23, 2006


crazy, shock !
Maybe specially if you just come from India and Sri Lanka and then land in Kuala Lumpur Airport. Well, Airports are always posh and modern (even in Ethiopia) but here isnt that just the Airport. Skyscrapers, 10-lane highways and ultra-modern public transport - on, under and above the earth. So i found myself on the very first day back in the 21 century .... and spend the day wandering through shopping mall's, very clean streets, s-bahn stations, chinese restaurants (Malaysia consist from different people: a lot of chinese, they came some hundreds years ago as traders and have they own part -chinatown- with restaurants, temple and chinese houses, then Indians (Little India) and Malays) and i sleeped in an a/c dorm. They have even supermarkets! Had a bit of trouble through finding my way around town - soo many highways ! and nobody walks just over them ! And for the first time in mounths my room didnt stink from the ganja all the backpackers keep smoking, nor is it loud and the air very clean - you can look even through!
.... was everything very very wired !

or is that maybe normal ?

Well, anyway everybody told me afterwards that in KL is nothing to do ... i spend somehow 4 days there, window shopping daytime, internetsurfing nighttime. A lot of things are open 24h, so it is no problem gaming the night, sleeping the day, taking breakfast at 3pm or 3am.

What else ? oh i went also to the Cameroon Highlands. Gosh was the Bus modern. And so emtpy. Na, anyway the CH's are really nice, quite cool and i did a lot of jungle walks over there and just relaxed a lot. After a while i went back to KL for two days (shopping !!! ... bikeparts - what are you think? KSH and Pro Bike if somebody wants to know, quite cheap) and then on to Melaka.

Melaka was very nice as well, first Portugese, then Dutch, then English and now Malay - a town with a lot of history, direct on the sea ... and with an free restaurant ! Yea thats kind of an chinese buddist thing - och was actually really kind. Well, soo far.

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hey good job it sounds like a great trip have fu in perth and keep cycling!!!!