Thursday, June 15, 2006

G'day from down under ! Darwin, NT

yea, since two weeks im already in Australia.

got to Darwin in the NT on a cold tuesday morning with my 5 dollar flight from Singapore ... and what to say ... everything changed. Goodbye Asia (for now) goodbye lazy life, goodbye foreign cultures, goodbye budget.

What i did so far : Walked around in Darwin for entire two day and organised everything. from Taxnumber to mobile (yea i have a mobile now!), to bank to job. Worked then for 5 Days (fixing escalators and miningmachines) picked my bicycle from DHL und went bush for a week doing on the way my first 600km via Kakadu National Park to Kathrine - from where i writhe in the moment.

What else i can talk of? Its wired to be in australia. Not only it is compared to Singapore very rual, but also my life canged a lot. Before i backpacked around, now im sitting on my bicycle, i work, i try to got used to the enormous prices for almost everthing ...

But to say, the last days where quit nice. I cycled through Kakadu, camped every night in the bush, cooked on the campfire under the enormous moon and the stars. Saw then a lot of wildlife too, Kangaroos, Crocs, Dingos, Birds ect.

Had now an restday in Kathrine, fixed a couple tinhgs on my bike an will head tomorrow on towards Kununurra, the next village on the west ... a fair 500km.

untill then ...

die lokale Sprache geht mir immernoch schwer von der Zunge, am ersten Tag verstand ich gar nix ,dann gings. Manchmal holper ich immer noch, was zb bedeutet "lets go to the pool and drink piss" ?

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