Saturday, December 03, 2005

Beijing, China

first impression : huge.
Coming by Bus from the north and driving hours over 8-lane highways, through a skyscraper dominated city to the bus station. Everthing somehow in order, not like Bombay or even Istanbul with miles and miles of slums and ramshack huts and streets covered with litter.
second impression : nice.
first and most important thing for me -of course- : the food. And the food is awesome. The menus are full with the most delicius things, from meat to noodles in all kind of different shapes and tastes via vegetables in thousand differents forms to rice - fried, boiled, streamed, with eggplant, garlic. Oh, did i mentioned the soups, the different pancakes filled with all kinds of stuff from carrots, sauerkraut and spring onions, the dumplings in a minimum of a dozen styles, the hot stone dinners and the little ovens they put on a table to eat from ? and the tea which comes in to every meal for free ? And ... the price from hardly 60cents for a good meal without a lack of everthing ? And the chinese charakters i which everthing is written and which i cannot read ?at all ? got even one day rotten eggs with rice as stupid me just pointed something out on the menu ....

So as you can see, i've got a full belly .. and therefore (i'ven im just a couple days here) i liked here very much. Actually the most days i spent so far here, was very much shanty shanty. Dindnt do much. Rigth, i went to the forbidden City, lent a bicyle and went around for a day (awesome - you've got an 6line highway and a bikeline next to it which has almost the same size) but beside of that i really enjoy the fact that many people just standing around on the street and doing not much anyway. Like me.

okay thats almost it, next time i come with a post that makes more sense, feeling sick anyway, somebody said its an withdraw ... technically impossible

see you - jockel

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