Friday, August 25, 2006

cut off ! , Perth WA

well, there is a lot happen in the last days but before i start writhing whole posts about events weeks ago i rather make it short.
First off all : I'm in Perth ! I finished cycling the stage between Darwin and Perth with almost 5000km in nearly 3 Months.

That is some time so when you consider that there is not much in between - only Bush and a really few Towns.

What happen between my last post and now : i found work in Carnarvon. I think just 30min after wrothe the last Post - but its just for a couple days, rooting out Beans on Contract. After that i was another couple days in Carnarvon but couldnt find anything else - so i packed my bike and headed down south ... not far actually, course a outbackstation looked for workers. So i signed up and pruned vines and did some repairs on the houses for a couple weeks untill that was finished as well (work is more than often short time here) , yes and the rest was just a shanty 800km ride till i've got to Perth where i am right now. Its mostly raining here ! Middle of the winter !

But from here i writhe you later. That was it so far - just two things - First : welcome Sem ! You cant read, you dont know me - but may somebody tell you ... i'am your Oncle ! And im glad you made it :-)

And yea i meet this other blog while working at the station ... i think i brought a 4wd off him ...

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