Tuesday, October 17, 2006

one year ago ...

On Oct 17,2005 i was standing at this trainstation waiting of my train to ...... to where ? i did hardly knew.
Today, it is one year later and im still on the road. I saw old european cities, travelled the wide expenses of Russia, visited amazing and ever developing China, saw hippie south-east asia, the holy cities of India, magnicifent Valleys and Mountians of the Himalaya, visited old friends in Sri Lanka and cycled cross yet another Continent - Australia.
Some people may ask if i ever come home and some if i will found my bearings at home again - i honestly dont know. I'm not weary of traveling yet !
A more i see of that wonderful and diverse World, a more i wanna keep discovering.

Today i am in Fremantle, Australia and i'm working. Its nice here and good to get some money in. What are my plans for the future ? I perhaps know as much as i did one year ago : not much. God gave me a wonderful time traveling and as i want to follow him he will lead me to the places he want me to go. And i have no idea where that will be.

Jo, Jockel or Joachim, standing on Monument Hill in Fremantle, Western Australia

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