Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Stuart Hwy

tam-tam here we are again !
I guess i cannot follow the same time frame in traveling and writhing my messages as internet isnt everywhere availiable ... at least not yet. In the last post i was writhing from Ayers Rock and this was is dealing with the way after it - actually there isnt much at all. Just a small strip of bitumen streching endless to the horizont.
Welcome the Outback once again. Once you finish the 250km from Uluru you get to the junction of the Stuart Highway. Left the Road turns to Alice Springs and Darwin, on the right it goes to Adelaide. For the reader from Europe it is to say : both ways are a couple thousand kms and there isnt much in between. I've been to Darwin so i turn right.

Next stop one day later and after filling gas serveral times we are in South Australia and in Cooper Pedy. The only reason the town ... or village exist is of the Opal gemstones found in this area. Without, nobody would live there. Its treeless and stinking hot.
Most people moved course of this reason underground into old opal mines, with gives a funny picture wenn you see a housefront, and the rest of the house hides in the hill behind it. But i did understand it. We where there and the temperature exceded 50C during the day. Felt quite warm so :-)
A day and endless hours driving later we reach the coast at Port Augusta. Funny lights around the streets .... ah it was a redlight, i've had to stop. Didnt saw that for a while!
Supermarkets, Libarys, Gas stations and a beach. Zivilisation is back.

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