Friday, July 27, 2007

Sao Vicente, Brazil

here comes an long-due update. Actually not much happened anyway. Since leaving NZ and Australia i´ve went over to South America to volunteer at a church building project (Calvary Chapel Sao Vicente) . Thats where i spend all the last mounths. got a couple pictures here :
thats about a short while after we started (main sanctuary)

thats about how it is now (main sanctuary)
structure of second building goes up (offices+childrenminstry)

yes and thats about all i have to writhe so far. Its been a good but also hard time. My feeling about Brazil are mixed, its a beautyful country with lovely people but it got a great share of problems.
Since im now about 3 mounths in Brazil its gonna be time soon to have a little vaccation and renew my visa. Maybe i will writhe more then. See you soon.

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