Monday, January 29, 2007

Leaving Fremantle & driving through Australias Southwest

g'day fellows.
After quite some time now in Freo i had to choose one of two options : staying forever or moving on. Was difficult desicion but to make it short : i'm on the road again!(how else could it be)
It was a really good time, 5 or 6 mounth or so, a little bit like home and i wouldn't like to miss it at all - we'll see, maybe i will come back some day anyway. But for now i packed my van, said gby to collegs, friends and and church community ... and off.
Day 1-8. The Australian Southwest.
Off we go, driving down the coast into the Southwest of Australia. First stop after 400km is Dunsborough and Cape Naturaliste and it is amazing. A wild Coast, meterhigh waves, Rocks, empty Beaches .... Camping on one of them. In the next two days it goes always down the Coast through beautyfull wine regions, with forrests, surfbeaches till we reach Cape Leewin. It doesnt go futher south on the Indian Ocean - here the Indian ends and the Southerrn begins. On the Cape a lighthouse, rocks, wind and a quite chilly temperature. Time to head the direction i want to go to : the East.
In the next days follows Pemberton with its tall karri forrests, Walpole, Denmark and Albany. Man, i'm happy to have all four wheels turning. Camping now is not on a bloody restarea or next to the highway in the bush but always down a track on some lonely lake or we drive along the beach till we find a bay somewhere. Besides today (till now at least) i was everyday so far in 4wd mode driving off somewhere. Well worth having !
Pemberton and the sourronds are really nice, very tall forrests (on some trees you can climb as well, there around 60m) and everything is really green. Down from there along at the ocean the landscape becomes then quite skandinavian : green forrests,mountians, blue blue sea, small towns and beautiful bays and inlets. After such a long time in Perth and the north i didnt know that such a thing exist in Australia to be honest!
After Albany a long drive followed to Esperance in the far south east of western australia. A long way from everywhere you'll find then the whitest beaches so far, Islands, Seals and Sea Lions, Cliffs and a lot of wind.
Behind Esperance the Outback has us again. The Highway runs strait to the horizont, left and right low bush and only few trees and the temperature is rising with every kilometer we head inland. Its the Australian summer !
And now for every man who travels the same corner: Albany and Norseman has free hot showers!
so far from me, be blessed alltogether.

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