Tuesday, March 20, 2007


a really busy and crowded place. Really much unlike the rest of Australia. 4 or 5 million people live here, thats a quarter of Australias population! Traffic is crazy, Houses everywhere, people even build houses on top of houses (in europe we call that apartments by the way ;-) and there is so much buzz in the air ... The day i came, The cruiseliner Queen Elizabeth shiped in, the next day the Queen Mary, then the US Vice President came and when he left Mhadi Grass rolled over the city. And every time you look up you see min 5 helis cruising over yet another part of the city. Ghee ....
Anyway after a couple days if found my bearings again and camped with a couple other backpackers on Bondi Beach, holding myself on a bottle of beer and watching the crazyness floating around me. Its hard to descripe, people running and working out all day, the water is dotted with surfers, people skating, posing on the beach and at the night the big show-off starts just to pause a couple minutes before at 5 or 6 in the morning joggers, surfers and sit-up punchers are out in force again. I actually liked it after a while even so six-packs didnt came included (as you my think after while)
What else in Sydney ? i did see an old mate from perth again, visited a couple churches on sundays and the city on another day and spent the rest actually in an underground carpark. ...the sydney backpackers carmarket. And after 5 nerv-wrecking days without sunshine but with plenty of fellowship i sold my car, got more out of it as i paid for and thats it.
My Australia trip is finished. Was a really good time. Thanks to everyone !
See you another time !

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