Thursday, March 16, 2006

Calcutta, India

i went down again to Bangkok, picked up my Indian Visa ( no problem, 2 photos, 2100 baht, 5 working days) went then for a final shopping day, and finally made my way at 3.30 in the middle of the night to the airport catch my flight. Was kind of unusual, for me it was early morning - had in one hand a coffee and in the other my breakfast while i was walking along bars and pubs full with partying people. However, i took my flight with Royal Buthan Airways to India, leaving South East Asia. First flight on my trip !

Touching down in India was something like coming home ! Couldnt kill the grin on my face for the whole day ! I just arrived also on the feast of Holi, where everybody splashes colour and water over everybody, but fortunatly i didnt got anything - and i was even prepared, sitting in the plane with my old clothes and no shoes :-)

Well, but here i am, in Colcatta, and i've got to say i really enjoy it to be in India again, specally the food is awesome. And when you watching life on the street, its like a movie - a for sure not one playing in the 21century. Negativ is of course the traffic and the noise, the pollution and the heat (34C here) by i guess thats just belongs to it.

have a good day - jockel

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Erich said...

Hey Jockel,
Du hast eine super Art die Dinge kurz und interessant zu beschreiben.
Weiterhin viel Spass
... e r i c h