Friday, November 04, 2005


12 hours by train are between Warzawa and Vilinius in Lithuania. That means you boarding the train in a dark morning and you getting off in the dark, course that little country is a bit more in the north and its getting later in the year ... so at 5pm its dark already. Another thing that i regionize about this north thing is that is was really cold. Really Cold. All of that many potholes where covered with Ice and the temperature was about minus 5 degrees and i not speak about the night, daytime, bright sunshine!
Yea, sure i just had an shirt and a beenie but no jacket nor lange unterhosen (long underwear) so i remember the first days as really cold. But there as well many second hand stores here, so im ok.

Vilinius is nice but very quite. There not many Tourists here, no loud music, not many drunken people but everything is really poshed up, the old Town i dotted with beautyful cafes (actually i saw really nice cafes, kinda sad that i had so little help and therefore so little time in Munich) and with many fine restaurants - but no ceap fastfood joints or kepab huts. Everthing is totally clean, almost all buildings are renovated and the most people showing up on the streets with clothes that i never will posess. Man, somehow i feelt lost. But i had nice fellow travelers at my hostel. Did even a seightseeing tour out of town to a castle, sitting on a island in a lake. yaaa was nice ..... but really cold. Even with my new jacket.

Actually i have been a long time here. There was a cheap and nice hostel here (on reason to stay longer) and an visa agency right next to the train station. Sure, looking over their advertisement at the window it gave me some new ideas. So i let hear from me. see ya.

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Christoph Demmer said...

Hi Jockel!
Freut mich total das alles von Dir zu lesen. Genieß die den Norden und wenns Dir wirklich zu kalt wird, dann setz Dich aufs Rad un mach doch nochmal eben nen Abstecher in die Sahara :-)

Machet jut un wenn Du nach Estland kommen solltest, Judith's Familie kennt da nen paar Leute, falls Dich das dann interessiert.

Gruß Christoph D.