Tuesday, November 29, 2005

TransSib (TransSibirischeEisenbahn)

ok, my last message (was in German) was from the City of Moscow and you may think about where i am heading next.
Well, did i told you that in Moscow is not only the Kremlin but that there are also at least five train stations going in every possible direction, from St. Petersburg and Helsinki, to Berlin and Warschaw, Budapest and Kiew, Zentral Asia and sibiria as well as Beijing and the mongolei. Moment, Zentral Asia ? That is a place where i always wanna to be !
Kigistan and Usbekistan, with remote Mountian areas and icy lakes, acident Palaces from the old Silkroad und wonderful decorated mosques. But wait, icy lakes? winter, snow, cold ? that shocks me and i just realized that this is not the time of the year to go there.

But Asia is the place to be, so i took a train to Ulan-Bator with is a 4 day Trainride better known as Trans-Sibiria, via the Ural Mountians through the endless Sibirian Berchtree plains, countinueing to Irkutsk, rounding blue Lake Baikal and finally crossing the Mongolian Steppe to UB, capital of Mongolia. 100EUR for traveling half the World, 101 hours rat,rat,rat in an sleeper train drinking tee and eating instand noodles.

How it was? Well, absolut nice. Outside frozen Rivers and Lakes and the snowcapped Sibirian Forests passing in front of the window, inside its nice and warm and you either sleep, read (i finished three books) or you drink Tee or Vodka. Every 4 hours or so the train makes a stop and you go outside to buy some food or drinks from the babuschkas (the russian grandmother) hustling and bustling on the side of the train or you just go for a walk or a fresh breeze of cold air.

Actually Sibiria looks really nice, specially Lake Baikal - endless Forests and wilderness which just only sometimes showes signs of human activity - small villages, dirt roads or every couple hundert kilometers a town. So i am kind of sorry that i just passes by, seeing the world from a trainwindow. I would love to hike here discover the beautyfull landscape - but its just tooooo cold!
But i really wanna come back, sommertimes - yea i know i say that all the time, but here i really wanna do it .... we'll see ;-)

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